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Autumnal Wreath

Introducing our Handmade Deco Autumnal Wreath, a stunning seasonal decoration that embodies the warmth and beauty of fall. With vibrant autumnal colours, cheerful sunflowers, and a lush pumpkin centrepiece, this wreath is the perfect way to welcome the changing leaves and harvest season into your home.

Our handmade wreath is a true work of art, designed to capture the essence of autumn. The rich, earthy tones and natural textures evoke the cosy feeling of a crisp fall day.

The wreath boasts a glorious display of sunflowers, the quintessential symbol of autumn. Their sunny, golden petals and dark centre add a burst of vibrant colour and cheer to your décor. At the heart of this wreath sits a lush and lifelike pumpkin. This centrepiece is beautifully crafted, featuring intricate details that make it feel like it was plucked straight from a pumpkin patch. The wreath is adorned with a harmonious blend of autumnal colours.

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